Post Construction Cleaning Services


BEEZZ Construction Cleaning Service, LLC

There are two standard types of construction cleaning, rough and final cleans. Larger companies tend to become hybrids of this and require both types of cleanings. BEEZZ is capable of doing both types of cleaning required by the general contractors. 


What does a construction clean include?

BEEZZ Construction Cleaning offers the following post-construction cleans
Rough Clean:
· Remove construction debris
· Clean floors and walls
· Wipe down all horizontal surfaces
Final Clean:
· Cleaning of all elements to make ready for owner's use, detailed clean.
Sparkle Clean:
· Touch up clean after all punch list is completed


Additional Services



BEEZZ sets the standard when it comes to waxing or sealing floors. We only use the very best stripping compounds and the highest quality floor wax or sealer. We demand the best from our BEEZZ swarm members and the never fail to deliver. We always apply a minimum of 2 coats of floor finish to all applicable floors. When a floor does not require a finish BEEZZ recommends a deep scrub with an proper acidic rinse the guarantee the removal of all unwanted residue. 


BEEZZ providers the most innovative automatic floor machines in the industry. BEEZZ has the capability of moving from site to site with our trailer with the added capability of being able to remain in one location over a period of time. 


BEEZZ has the capability to clean new and existing glass and frames. BEEZZ has the capability to clean multi-story buildings in scissor or boom lifts. BEEZZ extensively trains all employees how to properly clean glass and frames to ensure not scratches or damages are done to the glass. 


BEEZZ has the capability to handle all your commercial pressure washing needs. We have experience working on a variety of larger commercial buildings and parking garages. With our pressure washer we have the ability to remove rust, oil, dirt, copper stains, grease and much more. 

General Labor Services


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